Zombie haiku

החבר'ה ב Boing Boing ערכו תחרות האיקו בנושא זומבים.


Brains are like candy,
sweet grey matter slips through lips,
My arm just fell off.

The radio told
me that I would be safe here
Crowded Stadium

Run, run! Slow zombies
cannot possibly catch us
on our bicycles!

Atheist zombies
Eat your brains and don't think twice.
They won't go to hell.

Remaining survivors:
Sorry we must nuke your town.
Only way to be sure!

Subway directions
Zombie elocution fail
I thought they said "trains"

Darkness is falling,
But that's okay, because I
Can smell you in there.

awoke as zombie
cursed with discerning palate
brains taste good at CERN?

Zombies ate my dog
Couldn't they eat my homework?
That's how karma works…

When I was alive
People laughed when I ate brains
Not so funny now

I am lol-Zombie
I can haz brain-burger?
what it the next fad?

all out of ammo.
if you cant beat em, join em!
time to seek revenge

Undead need to survive too.
Those plants look tasty…

what i fear more than
zombie apocalypse is
losing my glasses

ולסיום משהו מאת שייקספיר (יחד עם סופרים/משוררים מפורסמים אחרים) –

To bite through the skull
or beat it against the wall?
That is the question.

ריספקט לשופטים שקראו את הכל.

ההאיקו בתחרות, הזוכה והסגנים.

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